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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 34 - Baptisms

Hello everyone!  This past week was great!  We have had many amazing lessons and we have even more planned for this week which we are looking forward to.  Super excited for Saturday though :)  Tyler is getting baptized at 11:00 this Saturday!  We are so happy for him!  He is an amazing guy and really wants the gospel in his life.  So tonight we are teaching him the law of Chastity and then he will be ready to be interviewed for baptism.  Super stoked!

Sister Humble will be getting baptized next Saturday :)  She is super excited to take this step and she knows that is what God wants her to do.  She just got a job as an art teacher at her day program so she is super happy about that.

Our married student stake has turned our Sundays from busy to almost unmanageable.  We have about 4 sacrament meetings throughout the day and then correlation meetings till dinner, after which we have a second dinner because the schedule hasn't been figured out yet so we get doubled booked between the two stakes.  So we are constantly running from place to place, and with the new stake, that means all over Logan.  But it's really nice to be super busy :)

Anyway, I hope you all have a good week.  Love you!

Elder Walker

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 33 - New Companion - Elder Walker 3.0

Hello everyone!  I hope you've all had a great week ;)  So far this week has been great, I have my new companion, Elder Walker, he is awesome and is from Crestview Florida.  We also found out the day of transfers that we were picking up a new stake as well as our previous stake.  We now cover the Green Canyon Family stake, and the Married Student 2nd Stake, which covers all of Logan, North Logan, Providence, and Paradise, so President is trying to get us a car, yay!  The new stake came with another person who is on date to be baptized, her name is Shelby Miller and we are going to go meet her tonight.  We also got told Saturday evening as we were about to fall asleep that we were speaking in two of the married student wards back to back the following day, whoohoo!  So I had the opportunity to speak completely by the spirit for 15 min a piece.  It actually turned out awesome and the Ward said it was one to the best talks they had ever heard, I don't really remember everything that was said though.  I just thought it was a cool experience to see the Lord take me (a really horrible public speaker) and use me as a mouthpiece when I had nothing prepared.  I just want to testify that through the spirit, we can accomplish anything, even if it is one of our greatest weaknesses.

In other news!  We had one of the most spiritual lessons that I have ever been in last week!  We taught Sister Humble the restoration.  At the beginning we asked her how she was feeling about the church and she said that she like it, but still wasn't sure if it was the right one and needed to do more research.  We shared the restoration and the first vision, she started to choke up and her eyes started to tear up.  Then she just burst out bawling for 15 min that was only interrupted by exclamations of "Thank you God!"  And "what is this feeling?"  And "I knew there was a reason I was brought to Utah!".  We asked her how she felt after she had ebbed the flow of tears and she, still sobbing, told us that she was feeling the most overwhelming feeling of love and warmth that she had ever experienced in her life and that she knew the church is true.  We testified that is was the spirit and invited her to be baptized, she said of course, and she is now preparing for the 5th of March.  After we had all wiped the tears from our faces (we were all crying), she said, Elder Walker, I knew from the moment you shook my hand 3 months ago that there was something special about you and that you would somehow be a great blessing in my life, thank you so much.  I broke down and started crying (don't judge, real men cry...sometimes) and then testified that I knew that everything that she had gone through in life had been to prepare her to receive this message and that I was happy that I was able to meet her and share this gospel message with her.

I just want to testify that I know that the spirit will bring us answers to our questions.  I know that this message of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important message anybody can ever share, and I challenge all of you that you will plant a seed and those you talk to will eventually find the gospel and receive a witness from the Holy Spirit of Truth.  I leave that with you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Walker

Elder Walker & Elder Walker

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 32 - Transfers

Hello everyone!  Sorry for not writing last week, things got really busy.  This week has been awesome however!

First, we now have an investigator on date for baptism on the 27th of this month.  His name is Tyler and he is a young guy in his 20's.  His girlfriend is an RM of a month and is super supportive.  He wants to be married in the temple and he is super excited about baptism.  He said he's never been so excited about anything in his life.  So we are excited to help him reach the waters of baptism!

Norman is progressing really well, he is not on date, but he should be within the next few weeks. He has a hard time understanding the terrestrial kingdom, so he has been praying long and hard about it, so we'll see how he is doing on Friday.  He came to church this week too!  Fast and Testimony meeting...  Went great until some young man got up and bore his testimony on Pokemon... Luckily Norman still thinks the church is for him, so we're in the clear.

Sister Humble, we taught her the plan of salvation and she started crying.  Her husband died two years ago and then a year ago her son died of a heroine overdose on the bus on the way to go see her.  It was so sad, but she had been told by her pastor that he was going to hell, and when we told her that she could live with him again in heaven she started weeping uncontrollably.  I love Sister Humble, she is amazing and she judges everything on how she feels.  She will be extended a date next week.

Kim Stalder is back!  We are going snowshoeing and teaching her a lesson on the mountain on Saturday, super excited for that!  She is awesome and she lives near Sister Humble, so they talk about the lessons they get, and the church a lot.  She is more logical minded and it may take longer for her to change.  She also just won a national championship in soccer.

Elder Fortuna is also being transferred tomorrow.  He will be with Elder Jerdon in Fielding!  Brothers!  I on the other hand am getting Elder Walker 3.0 because he is the third Elder Walker to come into the mission.  So yeah, excited for this next transfer!  I'm just losing a lot of my missionary friends tomorrow :/  But anyway, yeah, I'm excited!

Anyway, thanks for all the support everyone!  Love you all, have a good week!

Elder Walker