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Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 66 - Keeping Busy

Hey Mom :)

Everything is going well, things have been pretty busy, but we've found some people that want to get baptized this month. One is DJ, she is 11. The other is Jarvis, he’s a great guy.

I am in Logan, we cover the Cache Stake, the one with the temple in it, and we are in the Cache Central Zone. It is a good stake, it has a lot of apartments and so it is very transient. We have not had any snow yet, no. I think it might be easier if you just send me some, we haven't had any time to go to the shoe store. The shoes I'm wearing right now are 11's.

That's awesome that Jacob broke 20 min. A new uke? That's awesome :) it'll be fun to see Macey and Him perform. I liked the talks in general Conference that were about missionary work and sharing the gospel, because everyone here in Utah seems to think that the mission field is everywhere but here, and they say it straight to our face too.

I'll have to see if I can get a pic of Elder McLean and I, he's kinda sick right now. I'll totally send you a picture of his awesome pillow though, I'm sure Colin and Jacob would love one of these.

I never really have many exciting things to talk about haha, it kinda gets repetitive, it just missionary work everyday haha. I'm just excited for the people that we are teaching, I'll try and take more pictures this week, it kinda slips my mind.

Anyway, thanks for being an awesome mom, I love you bunches!

Elder Walker

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