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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 41 - New Companion Elder Mobley - New Area Lorin Farr


So, this week was pretty crazy, it was my first full week in the Lorin Farr stake in Ogden.  Things here are pretty crazy, we run into some really strange people, but I guess that is what makes street contacting fun.  Sadly, our baptism for last weekend got pushed back last minute by the Bishop, so we had to break the news to her right before, which was hard.  But, hopefully she will be able to baptized either this week or next week.

Good news though!  We have six people on date for this month, and we are planning on putting six more on date tonight!  Possibly 9, but that will take a miracle.  If they all get on date and don't get pushed back, then we will crush the mission record for baptisms in a month!  But, like I said, need a miracle.  Not that it won't happen, we've seen a ton of miracles so far, so I have good hopes :)

We have a great zone full of some of the best missionaries in the mission (I'm working on being in that group :p) and we are almost for sure going to be breaking the record for most baptisms in a month for a zone.  Our goal is 29 and so far we are on track to hit it or even beat it.  The record is 19.  The ones on date in our area are: Nicole, Billie, Angela, Bailey, Tristin and Weston.  We are loving working with them :)

I love spring and summer!  There are actually people to talk to on the street now!  It's great!  We are working hard and even though people driving down the street tell us to hail Satan and swear at us when we are waiting at stop lights, it's nice having a testimony of the restored gospel. I have been able to see that the promise in Helaman 5:12 is true, as long as we do our best to center our lives around Jesus Christ, the adversary will not be able to drag us down.  At least we get cheers of "Missionaries"!  every time a school bus drives by, that is always a pick-me-up :)

Anyway, I am loving the mission!  I hope everything is going well back home!  Love you all!

Elder Walker

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