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Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 43 - Climbing Mountains and Being Chased By Dogs

Hey everyone, sorry it's been a while,

These past few weeks have been pretty busy, and hectic.  So, Satan has been working his hardest on all of our investigators and out of the six that we had on date, the only one that is going to go through is Weston.  So we are excited for him, and hopefully the others are going to be baptized next month.

Also, there are a lot of crazy things that happened to our investigators that I don't have time to explain at the moment.  But!  Weston is solid, I'm really happy about that, he is very excited for this Saturday.

Today we climbed a mountain and found a really cool cave that was just a small opening in the ground, but it opened up into a pretty big tunnel that was really long.  We have two weeks until Mother's Day, I can't believe it's already here, it feels like it was just Christmas, but yay!  Should be fun :)

Elder Mobley has been attacked by three dogs within the past four days, two of them have been pretty small, but it's still pretty funny to see him kicking his leg trying to get free from a little ankle biter.

We have found a couple new people that might be interested in being baptized.  One is John and the other is Keith.  John was an atheist and Keith makes Indian tepees that he lived in for four years in Wyoming.  They are pretty interesting people, and they both really need the gospel and we hope they accept Christ into their lives.

Anyway, things are going pretty good and I am enjoying Ogden, we only have two weeks left in the transfer, so we will see what happens to Elder Mobley.  Anyway, our ride is here, so thank you all for your support.

Love y'all
Elder Walker

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