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Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 84 - Jesus Christ is the Center of Everything

Hey guys! I decided to start my email earlier today so I could write a longer and more in-depth account of the week.

So as far as the 3 children that we were supposed to meet with last week, their grandpa is sick and about to die, so they left town for a few weeks and we will not be able to meet with them until they get back. So that's a bummer but it's definitely understandable.

Last night we heard from the Wards (our senior couple) that they found yet another family to teach, and they will be going over on Wednesday to do that. Things are going well as far as finding is concerned here in Preston.

We had a cool miracle out in Mink Creek earlier this week. We drove out there to correlate with the Ward Mission Leader and he told us that Brother Olson (the guy who fell off the ladder) would be coming home this week, and that in three weeks he would have all of his casts off and all of his pins out and starting to be back to normal. That's a miracle! When he first was admitted to the hospital, he was told that he would be there for at least 12 weeks. It will be half of that in three weeks, and he should be able to baptize his wife at the end of the month! I love the power of Priesthood blessings!

As we were leaving, he told us to drop by a non-member on our way back. When we got there, Strawberry (the non member) answered the door and was very nice to us. Instead of our normal door approach, we felt prompted to immediately offer to shovel all of the ice off of her walkway and driveway. She gladly accepted the help and as we worked, you could tell that it touched her. When we were done, she brought us hot chocolate and we talked with her and got to know her a lot better.
Long story short, she loves us and we are going over for dinner on Tuesday and she wants to hear the lessons!

Anyway, that was pretty much it for the week. We saw a ton of deer and turkeys out in Mink Creek, Elder Remfrey almost managed to rope a turkey, it was pretty awesome. I'll see if I can send the video.

I just want you all to know that I have a testimony of this gospel, and of our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the center of everything. Without him, nothing would have purpose. I love being a missionary,
and I am truly grateful to everyone that has helped me be out here serving the Lord. It's crazy that this transfer is already half over, I only have three left after this. I'm going to do the best I can with
the time that I have left. I hope all is well back home, I pray for you every day. Keep being member missionaries!

I love you all!

Elder Walker

Elder Walker, Sister Lowder, Elder Remfrey

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