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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Week 1 - MTC Days

The MTC is great, but this week has felt like eternity and they only let us email for one hour on P Day.  I feel like I'm already totally different.  I have been made district leader and I have to say that I love my district.  Within the first two days we began to feel like brothers and sisters.  We do everything together and we have spiritual discussions almost constantly.

They keep you busy here, class after class after role play after devotional and repeat.  Each day feels like a week.  Looking back I can hardly believe that I said goodbye only seven days ago.  I haven't been super homesick other than last night.  I was thinking about Ainsley and Colin's birthdays and I started getting a bit down.  I sang a quiet happy birthday to both of them after I finished writing in my journal.  I miss you guys but I also love the work, so it balances each other out.

Tonight I guess we get to hear from a general authority, although I don't know who.  we got to watch a talk from Elder Bednar that only gets shown in the MTC and it was life changing.  It was on the Character of Christ and it makes you see everything differently and makes you want to change everything that you do and how you see the world.

I have never prayed so much in my life, but I love it.  You and Dad would be proud.  I feel like a different person.

Anyway, tell all the kids that I love them and miss them.  Remind Jacob to hold my lizard every day, and to not be too afraid of him.  Also, give everyone else my email address and mailing address on my facebook.  I can read and write handwritten letters anytime I want here, when I have the time. Tell the Zooks that I was sad I missed game night on Thursday, but I hope it went well.

I'll send pictures once I'm out in the field, I forgot my camera in the dorm.

I love you guys so much!  Hope your week goes great :)

Elder Walker

Elder Topham

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