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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 4 - Smithfield Utah

Hey everyone!  My second week went super fast, I'm loving it here.  The people are amazing, and we now have so many people that we are teaching, that our week is almost totally booked, which is nice, but exhausting.  Wednesday I get to do my first exchange, and then the day after the Zone Leaders also want to do an exchange so I'll have to make sure I know my area well enough to be effective without Elder Wible.  I'm excited though.

We finally started having dinner appointments!  All the families that we've visited have the most adorable kids, and they are super hyper.  I've figured out how to entertain them though.  I was really bored one day, and while Elder Wible was entering numbers, I clicked on the photo booth app, and took a bunch of pictures that distorted my face.  Well, it turns out that kids love that,  and I've been able to win them over quite easily.  Mwahahahahaha!

I'm still trying to get used to covering 17 wards.  There are too many to attend all of them each Sunday, so we try to squeeze in at least 4 sacraments in each week, just so we can try and get to most of them at least once each month.  I feel like quite the sinner having to take sacrament four times haha.  The mail service here sucks, surprisingly.  I get my letters in a reasonable amount of time, but I still haven't seen the package that my parents sent to me over a week ago.... So....  Yeah.  I hope it didn't get lost.

I hope everything is going well back home, I miss you guys!  I've heard that there has been some sad news in the ward recently, so please let the families that have been affected know that I love them and that they are in my prayers.  I pray for all of you each night too, so don't go thinking that you're left out.

Anyway, I can read any emails I get throughout the week, so feel free to send them, I really enjoy hearing from you all.  My P-days are Tuesdays, so I write a lot of my drafts Monday night and then send them in the morning.

Love you guys!
Elder Walker

Making a list of investigators and their respective wards, to see which wards we need to work on  (My idea BTW) :)
Weekly Planning
 Sleepy Elder Wible
First Dinner Appointment

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