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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 28 - Temple Trip

Well, today we got to go to the temple!  It was great, I love having the opportunity to go as a missionary every 3 months.  It was a nice reminder and refresher of where we are hoping to get our investigators someday.  The temple is a great blessing in all of our lives and I hope it is a priority for all of you.  There is no greater work than hastening the salvation of those who have passed on from this mortal life, alongside bringing those who still have the opportunity to learn here on this earth, to make covenants with their Heavenly Father.  Sister Dewey had us do some of her family names today, so it was extra special to us on this occasion.

In more temporal news, we finally have a ride to the gym again! Yay!  We go to the rec center and play raquetball.  So that has made our mornings a lot better.

Norman News:

We have a lesson with Norman tonight.  He had to reschedule last week's lesson, so there was no lesson in between last email and this one.  So we will be putting him on date tonight.  We will also hopefully be having meetings in between lessons now where we will be able to read scriptures and answer his questions, that way we can actually get through the lessons.  Also, it will provide for more daily contact.  Things with Norman are going great however, and we are excited to be teaching him.

We are also finally able to start working with the youth now, and we will be doing some missionary combined activities as well as starting splits with the priests.  So we are excited about doing all of that.

So, things are going great over here.  I want you all to know that I have a testimony of this gospel and of my Savior Jesus Christ.  I know that he is the only way by which we can be saved and I am so grateful to be a part of this work.  I love you all and I pray for each of you every night.  I hope you have a great week.

Elder Walker

'Borrowed' my companion's ipad :)

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