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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 30 - Week of Many Miracles

This week was great!

First off, the mission has about 99 people on date for this month and so we did a zone chain fast where each companionship fasted for those people on date.  One companionship each day.  So here is my list of miracles:

1.  We were able to meet people that we have been trying to contact for weeks and were able to set up a stake splits schedule.

2.  When we went to the guy we were trying to talk to, his less active granddaughter and her husband pulled up.  We set up splits with the guy and then he asked us to give them an impromptu lesson on temple marriage.  We asked them if they thought it was important and they said yes.  So I asked if they went to church, they said no.  I asked if they read scriptures, they said no.  I asked if they prayed together, they said no.  I explained to them that these are the ways that we receive revelation, and in order to develop a relationship with our Heavenly Father, we need to be doing those things.  She was pregnant as well, so I asked how they felt about being parents.  They said excited but they were scared and unsure about the future.  I explained that this is a point in life where they really need Heavenly Father's help, and that they needed to decide now, whether or not they were going to involve God in their parenting.  I explained that they really need to be able to receive revelation for their child, so that he can grow up in safety and that they can be guided as they raise their child.  I was able to bear testimony of the importance of parenthood, the importance of having God in their companionship.  We all started to tear up and we committed them to start reading, praying, and to go to church the next day.  They don't live in our area, so I asked the grandpa to follow up on the commitment.  Well, the next day he came up to us in church and he was tearing up, he said they went to church, for the first time in years.

3.  Norman came to church!  All three hours.  He was fellowshipped super awesome.  We were fasting for him that day, and all the talks that were given seemed to be directed right at him, it was amazing.  Even though there were lots of crying kids, he was totally glued to the speakers.  Sunday school we talked about Lehi's dream, we had just taught Norman that a few lessons before.  During Elders quorum, they asked if he played basketball and they invited him to bring his son to the pinewood derby and they gave him a car kit to help his son make one.  It was awesome and he loved church!

4.  We found a new investigator on Saturday.  He wants to be married in the temple with his girlfriend.  His name is Tyler.  We definitely need to get him some gospel knowledge and a testimony though, he doesn't have that yet, but that's our goal.

5.  We found another new investigator yesterday.  Her name is Joanne Humble.  She is the sweetest lady ever.  She is 53 and she has gone through a lot.  She moved out here from New York to be near her son Rob, who we know very well.  He is a convert to the church.  She lost her son to a heroine overdose a year ago, and her Husband to a painkiller overdose a year before that.  She has such an overwhelming faith in Christ though, and I believe the gospel will really help her.  We brought her cookies yesterday and ended up talking with her for over an hour.  She has been through so much.  She loves me though!  She says that she sees a special aura around me and that made me fell happy.  So yeah, we are teaching her the first lesson on Friday, probably going to start with the plan of Salvation.

Anyway, lots more miracles, but those are my favorites :)  I just want to bear my testimony that I know that the gospel is true.  I know that it is for everyone, and it is not just a lifestyle.  We all chose this plan in the pre-existance, we are just trying to help people remember.  I invite you all to continue to strengthen your foundation in our savior Jesus Christ and I say these things in his name, amen.

Elder Walker

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