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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 29 - Spirit Wars: Return of the Investigator

Story time:

Not so long ago, on a Sunday not so far away (last Sunday), Elder Skywalker and Elder Bib Fortuna were attending the 3rd of many Sarlac meetings in the Cantina, filling up on spirit.  After hearing a few speeches from the trade congregation the meeting ended and Elders Skywalker and Fortuna slipped quietly into the ventilation shaft.  They were walking towards the exit, hoping to make it to yet another meeting, when they were spotted by Dr. Draxler a representative for the Galactic Utahan Senate (Only on Wednesdays and Thursdays).  They began talking of an investigator Elder Skywalker had taught during his first transfer in Space Canyon.  Mario the Mustifarian.  The investigator spoken of in the prophecy, the one who would put off the natural man, and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority, which we know binds all things.  But sadly he had been cast out of his girlfriend's home, Angelicar, into Brigham City, a small section of the Planet City Coruscant.  They thought he had been lost forever, doomed to live below his privileges for his mortal life.  But Dr. Draxler brought the Elders great news.  By some miracle, Angelicar was now accepting Mario back, and they were to be married within the month, thus fulfilling the law Chastity and bringing balance to his life, to the point where he may enter the waters of baptism.

The end

Anyway, sorry about the story, I've just been going through Star Wars withdrawals, with everyone talking about the new movie and all that.  Figured I might as well have some fun.

So, in all seriousness, yes, Mario is coming back!!....After he gets out of jail!!!...But hey, another investigator, we won't complain!

We are really excited to start teaching him again.  It will be really good for him, he was already changing his life so much when he left and now he will be able to officially start fresh really soon.

This week went really well, Mario is coming back, and Norman is progressing quite nicely.  He should be coming to Church this Sunday!  We have been doing Book of Mormon readings with him, in-between the normal lessons and we were reading in 2 Nephi 2.  After we finished the chapter, we asked him what he had gotten out of it, and he was like "That's awesome!  Guys, I've never realized that before.  All the other churches make it sound like Adam and Eve screwed up and made life awful for the rest of us, but I never thought about it all being part of the plan.  This all makes sense now."  So we explained that the Book of Mormon is a purer translation, and that it contains the same gospel as the Bible, just in its fullness, and that instances like these are examples of that.  So things are going really well with Norman :)

I'd like to hear my testimony of the Book of Mormon.  I know that as we read it, and we sincerely ponder it in our hearts and pray to know the truth, we will be able to find the answer to any question that we might ask.  I know that reading the Book of Mormon brings and invites the spirit of prophecy and that we may be able to help find direction for our families in the troubled times we now live in.  I challenge each of you to make daily scripture study a priority in your lives, and I promise that you be able to see a change occur in your hearts.  I say this in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Walker


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