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Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 49 - Mission Life is Great

Hey everyone!  Sorry it's been a while.

The mission is going great!  We found some new investigators this week and we have three good potentials out of the six we have on date.  We met a man named Brodie on the side of the street as we were walking back from Randee's wedding.  He said he was a recovering alcoholic and that he wanted something better in his life and wanted us to start teaching him.  So we did that and he is on date to be baptized on the 25th.

So, Randee and Devyn got baptized on the 28th.  They were both awesome baptisms, I still have to get the pictures from people though.  Yesterday Randee got the Aaronic priesthood, which was great!  He is really embracing his new commitment to the church and it's awesome to see him progress.  The Spencers all got up to bear their testimonies yesterday.  They did a great job and they shared a lot of miracles that have happened to them as they have come into the church.  I'm super proud of them and I can't wait to see their son get the priesthood.  We are doing family history with them to help them find names to take to the temple soon.  Oh, and they told me they plan on giving me a ferret to take home in a year.  (Sorry mom, I promised they're adorable).

So yeah, mission life is going great at the moment and we have been able to see the hand of the Lord in our ministry for sure.  I am so grateful for this gospel and I know that it is only through Jesus Christ that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father.  I challenge all of you to share the gospel with at least one friend this week.  Miracles come when we open our mouths.

I love you all, and I pray for you often, have a great week!

Elder Walker

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