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Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 51 - Transfers

Hey everyone!  So today is the last day of the transfer.  We are about to officially find out what is going to happen, but unofficially we have been given some insider info and we know that Elder Mobley is leaving, we just don't know where to yet.  Last night we both got called to be district leaders again, I am looking forward to it this time, this district is awesome and I think we will continue to see a lot of success.  I am also going to be step-training again, so my new companion will be my third step-son.  I guess I'm the eternal step-dad haha.

So this past week our goal set a new mission record for amount of baptisms in a week in one zone!  We had ten, all but four companionships in the zone baptized, it was an awesome Saturday.  For us, Lynzi got baptized!  It was an amazing baptism, she had so much support from the ward, it was amazing to see.  She asked me to sing I Love to See the Temple, so I did that for her, everyone said I sounded good, so I' glad it worked out, I was worried about it.  I'll attach some photos from the baptism, we were so excited for her!

We had two people come up to ask us this week on the street and ask us to be baptized, we were like, "Sorry, can't help you there" and walked off... no, we actually freaked out on the inside and calmly set up an appointment with each of them.  So those, were some cool miracles that we saw this week, I love this area, It'll be sad to leave.

Another cool thing!  We got permission from president to leave the mission in order to take the Spencers to do Baptisms for the dead. I got to baptize brother Spencer and and Elder Mobley and I baptized each other.  It was a great way to start closing out the week.  The spirit was so strong, Brother Spencer started tearing up after the baptisms, no, it wasn't just the water pouring down his face, he had tears.  It was amazing, and to think, right before I leave the mission, I get to go through the temple with their family.  I'm so excited!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this upcoming transfer, I appreciate the support that I get from all of you.  I pray for you every day, love you all!

Elder Walker

I am getting Elder Smith for my comp :)  I hear he's good, so hopefully that's true :)  Summer is going well.


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