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Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 71 - Loving the Work


So DJ got baptized this week! It turned out great, she had a ton of family there and a good amount from the Ward showed up as well :) The Ward has really welcomed her in and the women have taken her under their wing. We are super happy for her!

Devlyn was pushed back a week, so that more of the family could come, so I'll tell you about his baptism next week. He is a great kid and he is learning a lot :) The Ward is super excited that the family is coming back to church and so far things are going well.

Andrew is also scheduled to be baptized this week! We took him to do more family history and we had to leave early, but he stayed for hours apparently. He loves doing family history work! We are meeting with him tonight, and earlier we got a text from him asking if it was okay to bring a friend of his along. We told him that was okay and that we would love to sit down with him as well. We are super excited about the progress he is making.

Last night we found two new investigators, Holly and Kalyn, but we will be handing them off to the YSA missionaries. They are awesome though and super willing to learn.

We also helped move in a family with a daughter who has been taking the missionary discussions in her previous home and she wants to be baptized, so we will be meeting with them on Thursday and will hopefully be able to set a date for her to do so.

We also had a similar situation with a  non member family of three that has also been meeting with missionaries, and they want to be baptized as well. They are moving in this weekend. So, lots of  miracles, it's been a great week :)

Today we hiked up a mountain to a cave and did our studies up there, it was awesome. It was just Elder Sandstrom and I. We had a great view of the Canyon and as I was looking at the mountains I decided to study Alma 30, where Alma contends with Korihor. He talks about how the whole earth and all the creations on it denote that there is a supreme creator. I love the chapter because it helps me remember that the earth proves there is a God, not the opposite.

Anyway, gotta get back to it, but thank you all so much for your support and prayers, love you!

Elder Walker

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