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Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 73 - Happy 20th Birthday Elder Walker!

Hi Mom!

Yeah, it was a good birthday, I haven't made my cake yet, no time. Maybe once we are actually able to get back at 9:00 haha :) And yes, the birthday gifts were perfect, Elder Sandstrom and I eat a lot of Subway, so if you're ever at a loss just keep those gift cards coming :)

So it's final that Lauren isn't coming back for winter break huh, how do you feel about that? I also heard she's been going on lots of dates and I keep seeing the same guy in all of the group photos she sends me, so I'm starting to feel protective :p

Our companionship is going really well. We're going to make a lip sync in onesies of the Once There Was a Snowman A capella song.

I'm excited for Jacob, I took some time to write him today, so hopefully he gets to write me back, I miss that kid. It's crazy that Dylan is getting married!

Hi Ainsley! I miss you too! That's so exciting that you are reading now :) What is your favorite book? 

Love you!!

Elder Walker

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