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Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 72 - Baptisms

Hi everyone!

So this week turned out to be awesome :) Andrew and Duvlain got baptized! Both Baptisms were well attended and the wards are super excited about all the work that is going on. Andrew is awesome, he's so committed, we are still working on getting a good amount of names for him to take to the temple. Duvlain was awesome, he is super smart and he shared a lot of insights for an 9yr-old during his baptism talks.

Guess who moved into our Stake recently. Sister Humble, one of my recent converts! We were so happy to bump into each other, she is great :) She is still active and reads the Book of Mormon every day. She really wants to go to the temple when she hits her year mark in March, so we are going to be working with her.

We are seeing a lot of miracles and we have a lot of dates stacking up in the month of December, so it looks like it will be a really white Christmas!

Yesterday they had a Fireside to recruit more senior couples, and they had us sing, I hope it turned out alright. I'm super excited to see if we get some more senior couples, we sure need them.

Anyway, those are most of the big things that I can think of that happened this week, other than the fact that they turned in our car and we finally get a new one today. I hope all of you have a great week, love you!

Elder Walker



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