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Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 94 - Richmond

Good morning everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that I am alive and well. This first week in Richmond has been long, but it has been awesome :) The members here are super missionary minded and within the first few days we got a huge list of referrals that we have been working on.

We went to visit a woman who hasn't been very active, and she was very nice to us. We got to talking and she asked if we wanted to meet her boyfriend, so we said sure. Well, it turns out her boyfriend is not a member, and he wants to learn about the church! So we are going to start up lessons with them this week :)

We were driving to visit some referrals and we noticed a man painting a trampoline in front of his trailer. We decided to stop and offer help, which he accepted. We got to talking while we painted and once we were done, he told us that we were the first missionaries to actually help him with something. He then told us about how he has been thinking about getting active again, and he told us to drop by the next day and teach his son, who wants to be baptized. So we came back and met his son Raiken. He wanted to be baptized, so we set expectations with the both of them about the things they both need to do in order to gain a testimony throughout the teaching process, one of which was coming to church. They both committed to go to church and they actually showed up yesterday! We are excited to be working with them :)

We were out introducing ourselves to the ward mission leaders, and when we knocked on one of their doors, he answered and said we were just in time. He then proceeded to usher us into his car and he drove us to a house. We got out and he introduced us to the owner of the home, who is a recent convert. We were talking and the man asked if we would come teach his family the new member lessons, we said of course. He then told us that his two boys were not baptized and that if things
go well, he would like them to be baptized. We are meeting with them tonight.

A similar experience happened with another ward mission leader. We showed up to introduce ourselves and he took us to a lesson that we were right on time for. It was also with a family where the parents were recent converts. They have a girl that wants to get baptized, but there are a lot of things that make it hard to teach her. The parents expressed that they feel lost, especially about how to teach the gospel in the home. We offered to teach them how to do family home evening, so we are going over tonight to do that.

On transfer day, I got to go to see my recent convert, Dani Goodwin, who was baptized a year ago. She had invited me to go with her to receive her endowment and to attend her sealing. It was an amazing experience being able to see her be sealed to her husband who passed away a few years ago! I am so happy for her :)

Anyway, it has been a good first week of the transfer! I really appreciate all of your prayers and I am praying for you also. I hope you are all seeing success in your efforts to share your testimony
with friends and family. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Walker

Elder Toon and Elder Walker at Easter dinner

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