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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 6 - Greetings From Smithfield

This week went well.  We were able to meet up with the parents of one of our nine year old investigators who's date was set for this week.  Apparently he's still solid and wanting to get baptized, but they might not do it this week, just because they need to get family contacted ahead of time and they need more time to get ready.  So, it may still happen on Saturday, but it will likely get pushed to the 29th , which will happen for sure.

We have another investigator who apparently is all ready to be baptized, he just needs to meet with us once or twice, but the parents have canceled the past 3 weeks lessons, and it's been really frustrating, because he could have been baptized weeks ago.  We also have a few more investigators but I won't go into that.

I hope everything is going good back home, I'm still loving it out here.  My companion and I have a new hobby.  Lip Syncing.  We now have six fantastic videos, which include Let It Go, a Lion King song, Tron Legacy, Wise Man Built His House Upon a Rock, and a few others.  Oh, our last one we did was a duet between Anna and Elsa, it was mighty fine.  Don't worry, we don't waste time, we make them on the way to appointments, so there will probably be a lot more, but I think I'll send a flash drive to my mom containing the sensitive film that can be used at her discretion.

We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders last night, so I was up in Preston.  One of the people we bumped into was an inactive man who was very friendly, and informed us that he had fallen away because of baptisms for the dead.  He started talking about Indian burial grounds and how we need to respect the dead, and he started on a 666 tangent, and lots more interesting ideas that he had, that we politely listened to for a bit.  Before he started talking however, he said "Hold on, let me grab a beer", and went back inside.  Luckily, the house we visited beforehand had given us cartons of chocolate milk, the juice pouch style with bendy straws, so we prepped those, and when he came back out we said we'd join him, so we popped in our straws and started sipping away while he drank his beer. That made him laugh.

I had to speak twice on Sunday, and I only had about an hour that morning to prepare one talk, and after that one, we raced over to another building where we had 15 minutes to prep the next one before sacrament meeting started.  It was hectic.  Oh, and President Price wants me to play my violin in General Priesthood Meeting this Sunday.  Still trying to find an arrangement.  (Note for mother, a book or two of violin solo arrangements would be awesome if you ever get a chance to stop by a music store).  Hopefully I will be able to buy some today if I can find a place.

Anyway, I love you all, hope you guys are safe and have a great week!

Elder Walker

Went on exchanges with Elder Greenwood (at the Benson's)

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