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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 17 - The A Team

Hey, so not feeling as stressed anymore.  If the subject says that it's because I'm on the computer and I don't know how to change the subject when I'm not using my iPad.

This past week has been pretty good.  I was able to get through another District Meeting and it went pretty well, the spirit was there.  I'm really thankful that my District participates, it helps a lot.  As far as the area goes, the work is pretty slow, as far as finding people goes.  We haven't found anyone as a result of tracting yet, and we've gone through all of our apartment buildings and the unbaptized list...nobody.  All of our investigators are basically miracles that I hope are coming as a blessing for not giving up haha.  We are teaching Mario, he was on date, but he didn't come to church this week so we had to take him off, but we should be able to get him back on date tonight.  We also have a new investigator that just moved into our area and we have him on date as well.  His name is Wendell and he coaches football.  Luckily he has a good fellowship because all of his coaching staff consists of either current bishops, former bishops, and an former stake president.  So yeah, we've got the A-Team when it comes to teaching Wendell.

Anyway, I'm really excited, we should be able to get them baptized next month and I'm really happy to see them progress.  We've tracked everywhere, so we're going to start helping the stake implement some ideas that I got from my previous stake that will help the missionary effort here be more efficient.  President Walker got really excited about all the plans we came up with.  He also thinks I'm related to him for some strange reason....

Thank you guys for all the support you give me, I appreciate it a bunch.  I hope all is well back home and I hope you have a great week.

I love you all,
Elder Walker

Elder (Ariel) Walker at the Pumpkin Walk

The Bishop's family stole my iPad!

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