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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 14 - Goodbye Smithfield, Hello Green Canyon Stake

Hey everyone!

Sorry if this week's email is a bit shorter than usual, it's been a stressful week and after Saturday evening and Mission Leader Training yesterday I'm really freaking out.  So, results of transfers...Here we go:

1.  I am not going to be a daddy (trainer)...  But I am going to be a step dad (stressful).
2.  I am leaving Smithfield South and going to the Green Canyon Stake in Logan (transfers are tomorrow).
3.  I got a call Saturday...I'm now a District Leader (very stressful).

So yeah...Not only am I being put into a lot of responsibility and finishing someone's training, they're moving me into a zone where I know absolutely no one, so this should be interesting.  But I guess I'll figure it out...Eventually.

It kinda sucks, we have 3 baptisms this weekend and we've started teaching Levi, and Karis and Ivy's older sister wants to be baptized too, and we have a new nine year old who wants to be baptized, oh, and three boys next to the Wamsley's who finally said okay to us teaching them... And now that all this is happening, I'm gone!  Woohoo!  So great!  Nope, not at all.  Elder Nielsen's new son is going to be so spoiled....  (He's training)

Anyway, I guess I should list some perks to being transferred:

1.  Apparently my new apartment is even nicer than this one and has a ping pong table.
2.  The new area is almost all apartments I've heard (goldmine)
3.  One of the complexes is apparently filled with a ton of cute girls.  (Don't worry grandma I'll be focused on missionary work)
4.  My new step-son is a Stud, from what I've heard, so I'm excited to Baptize the whole area with him!
5.  It's a walking area (I won't get fat!  Or, I mean, I won't get more fat)

So anyway, I love you all, I'll let you know how this week goes.  Wish me luck!

Elder Walker

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