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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 9 - New Companion - Elder Nielsen

Elder Walker and Elder Nielsen

Hey Everybody, I hope everything back home is going well, especially with school starting up for a lot of you.  You'll have to let me know how college is.

Anyway, things are going pretty well on my end of the line.  I got a new companion, Elder Nielsen and we've been doing great work.  We managed to dig through a bunch of notes and found a huge list of potential investigators, which is exciting.  We're going to spend the week weeding out the good ones to establish a good teaching pool.  Our baptism on Saturday didn't happen, but it wasn't the investigator's fault!  The relatives who were supposed to perform the baptism never got back to his parents and so they weren't able to get it set up in time.  But Travin's mom is on it for this week, she'll make sure they get the message.

We got a new investigator for the YSA Stake, and she's super solid!  Her name is Chen Chi, she's from China and she was being taught by the USU Elders and had a baptismal date, but then she had to move to North Logan and so we were able to pick her up.  She's super solid, she even texted us and asked where she was supposed to go to church.  We told her where and she showed up Sunday and we were able to visit with her a bit.  We are going to meet with her again on Sunday and hopefully put her on date.  We were also able to get hold of the Unbaptized list for the stake and we found out that there are 8 unbaptized 9-year olds.  We're going to find them this week and see if they want to get baptized.

Anyway, I miss you guys.  Keep up the good work back home and keep the faith.  I would love some stories of things that have been happening recently.

Love you all,
Elder Walker

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